Case Studies

Cheryl White

It was Cheryl White’s experience as a District Nurse that led her to set up a home care agency.


“I used to have arguments with home care agencies about the care they were providing,” she remembers.


Cheryl believed that home care could be done better, and with that in mind she set up Apollo Care from scratch in 2011 with her mum, one member of staff and a single client. 12 months later she had waiting lists for care packages and realised that she needed to grow the business, quickly.

Seven-fold increase
in franchise size

SOS Homecare has been serving Greater Manchester since 1994, and now boasts 200 staff providing 3,700 hours of domiciliary care each week. Chris Atherton has been operating as Director of Business Improvement since 2012, and it’s his job to oversee financial growth and enhancements to quality of service.


As such, when team members reported difficulties with the rostering system, he looked for alternatives...


11 Days a month
saved on finance duties

Grant Wadge launched County Care in 2010, with a vision of providing Outreach Support to people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health issues. Operating across Surrey, West Sussex and Lincolnshire, his widespread team consists of 160 carers, who administer 3,200 hours of care each week.


As the business was growing, the software that Grant had used to set rotas and calculate wages proved to be inflexible and unreliable, so he was keen to find an alternative.  

35 Hours a week
Saved on roster generation

Gary Hardman formed Proud To Care in 2012, and his team now look after 20 clients throughout Sheffield. They provide 310 hours of care each week, and require a flexible scheduling system that clients, staff and management can rely on.  

Reduction in time to produce weekly rotas

Husband and wife team, Phil and Helen Charlesworth started their domiciliary care service in 2012. They now have 60 clients based in Nottinghamshire, with 30 staff members providing 700 hours of care each week. 


CarePlanner has been instrumental in their growth, but they previously encountered issues with a rival software package.

Reduction in time producing invoices and timesheets

In May 2015, Jo Keyes helped launch Woodfield24, an end of life care agency that operates in partnership with the NHS Foundation Trust in Doncaster. Currently, 18 staff members deliver 400 hours of care each week for people approaching the final stages of life, and plans are in place for the operation to double in size.


In her position as Registered Manager, Jo researched several rota systems for domiciliary care, but was attracted to CarePlanner for its simplicity.


Increase in KPI’s met