Domiciliary software features

Easy, intuitive rota planning
  • Home Care Rota Planning
Easy, intuitive rota planning
  • All the information you need to select the best carer for an appointment
  • Easy schedule creation for appointments on an on-going basis
  • Tweak appointment times and make carer changes with just a few clicks
  • Intuitive 'timeline' interface gives you a clear overview of your daily roster
Automated texting and emailing
  • Automate sending of Rosters by text and email
Automated texting and emailing
  • Email, text or print all your rotas, invoices and timesheets from one place
  • Configure the roster report to include just the information your staff need
  • Encrypt keysafe numbers so that only your staff can read them
  • Keep in touch with your care staff on the move with our text message dashboard
Professional invoices and timesheets
  • home care invoices and timesheets
Professional invoices and timesheets
  • Produce professional invoices and timesheets complete with your company logo
  • Customise how your invoice is presented, and what information is shown to your customers
  • Easy integration with Sage, Sage Payroll or IRIS
  • Keep track of unpaid and overdue invoices
Automatic mileage calculations
  • Google maps integration for automated mileage
Automatic mileage calculations
  • Pay your staff for their exact mileage, based on a rate you choose
  • Plan your roster around accurate travel times and distances
  • See visual alerts for appointments without sufficient travel time between them
  • Choose carers based on their proximity to any given service user
  • Pay for travel distance, time or both
Call Monitoring
  • Real time home care monitoring
  • Call monitoring with any type of phone
Call Monitoring
  • No need to use any service user's landline
  • Works even with no mobile reception
  • No need for a smartphone
  • Can be used completely securely just with handwritten timesheets
  • Generate reports on staff punctuality and attendance
  • Receive confirmation of completed calls or explanations for non-completed appointments
  • Receive alerts if staff haven’t arrived at appointments
Record keeping
  • Home care record keeping
Record keeping
  • Keep a record of all events that occur, including complaints, compliments, assessments, reviews etc.
  • Schedule alerts to appear for certain staff between certain dates in the future, and choose for these to be displayed on carer rosters
  • Record staff training and receive alerts when renewal is due
  • Keep all your documents together in one secure system
Secure, cloud-based system
  • Secure, cloud based System
Secure, cloud-based system
  • Highly secure - we use the same encryption as online banking
  • Service available from any web browser without software installation or slow 'remote desktop' setups
  • All your data can be exported in spreadsheet format at any time
  • All hardware and backups managed by CarePlanner
Integration with third-party systems
Integration with third-party systems
  • Integrate with Sage, Sage Payroll and IRIS
  • Link your CM2000 system to CarePlanner
  • All data can be exported as spreadsheets for manual integration with other systems
  • Customisations and Be-Spoke Home Care Software
  • CarePlanner has been built to be flexible; if you have a unique requirement, please get in touch
  • Permissions can be set to control what users can access
  • You can filter all the information by region, branch or geographical area
  • Franchises can be built around one system that grows with your business