Getting Started

Every new customer receives free training and assistance to get the most out of CarePlanner. Many users can and do set the system up themselves and begin using it quite happily on their own, but we also offer complimentary remote training as a matter of course – normally within 2 or 3 days of requesting a license.

We can also help you import contacts from your old system, so you’re up and running as quickly as possible.


Free training


Transfer existing contacts


Integrate and customise


Free ongoing support

Find out more about how quickly you can get set up and started with CarePlanner. Talk to a sales representative today.


We will schedule a free training call, at a time that suits you, within a few days of your license request. Training covers all aspects of the system you intend to use.

We can record and supply you with the training as a video file for future reference if required.

On-site training can be quoted for teams of different sizes. However, most customers find the combination of an initial training call and the ease of use of CarePlanner to be plenty of training.

Support calls are free too, so anything you need to check again – feel free to give our support team a ring.

Transfer of staff and client information

Moving from one home care system to another can seem daunting. We are experienced in smoothing this transition by helping import carers and associated information into CarePlanner from your old system.

Let us know what information you are looking to transfer over and we’ll advise on the best way to export this, so we can import it as part of the free setup process.

Integrating with CM2000, Sage and other systems

As part of the setup process, we can integrate CarePlanner with your CM2000 call monitoring if your local authority requires you to use this. We also offer integrations with Sage Line 50, Sage Payroll and other accounting systems.

Find out more about CM2000 integration and other integrations here.

Setting up care workers

Before you can assign any appointments, you need to load your care workers to CarePlanner. This can either be automated as an import from your old system, or each one can be created in a few clicks as a new carer.

Set a range of skills and certifications for each care worker, so you know who is qualified for each appointment. Training requirements, for each carer, can be managed via the CarePlanner schedule too – set an expiry date for a certification and you will receive a reminder to renew this as the time approaches.

Each carer can be paid differently for travel – compensated for time, distance or both. Holiday allowance and holiday bookings and payroll details can also be applied to each carer individually – providing maximum flexibility.

Customising CarePlanner

CarePlanner is hugely customisable.  Different access permissions can be set for different users – for example, schedulers could be limited to schedule rotas, but not have access to payroll.  CarePlanner users can also be limited to specific regions or groups of service users and care workers. For large care agencies and franchises, this is essential.

Find out more about how customisable CarePlanner is here.

Ongoing FREE support

CarePlanner is a powerful and extensive system, so it’s worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with everything it can do.  We’ll talk you through everything initially, but sometimes you won’t know what you really want to know until you start using it. We understand and have an experienced support team ready to help you when you need it.

You will receive a dedicated account manager from the day you sign up, they’ll keep in contact with you and make sure you get the most out of the system.  But, feel free to call the support team directly if you need help or just want to understand the best way to do something in CarePlanner.

Find out more about our support services here.

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