CarePlanner Features


CarePlanner provides a wealth of features to empower care managers and care workers alike.

Save time on scheduling, reporting and invoicing. Gain real-time insight into care worker locations and appointment status.

To be safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led throughout your delivery of care, we urge you to take heed of CQC guidance to providers on How Technology can Support High Quality Care.  

You’ll find the features below are designed to help you deliver outstanding care more efficiently than ever before.

Intuitive timeline interface

  • Drag and drop appointments to an available carer
  • See travel time between appointments at a glance
  • Move groups or runs of appointments as a single entity

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Do more with fewer clicks

  • Schedule repeat appointments
  • View intelligent recommendations on which carer to assign
  • Conveniently taking skills, DBS checks, certificates and even hours worked into account

Record keeping

  • Keep a record of all events that occur, including complaints, compliments, assessments, reviews, etc.
  • Schedule alerts to appear for certain staff between chosen dates, and optionally display on carer rosters
  • Keep all documents together in one secure system
  • See a full audit trail of changes made in CarePlanner, including who made them

Find out more about Record Keeping.


  • Highly secure – using the same encryption as online banking
  • Service available from any web browser without software installation or slow ‘remote desktop’ setups
  • Export all your data as CSV any time
  • GDPR-ready functionality to manage your data

Find out more about Security.


Professional invoicing

  • Professional invoices – with your company logo and details
  • Customisable options to automatically include chosen information for each customer
  • Email or print invoices
  • Allocate multiple funders for appointments, and indicate their share of the cost

Simple, flexible payroll

  • Automatic payroll generation from scheduled and recorded appointments
  • Set individual day rates, overtime and mileage rates
  • Specify pay for breaks, travel, holidays and training – including individual thresholds and rates
  • Export invoicing, mileage and payroll data as CSV

Find out more about invoicing and payroll.

Third Party Integrations

  • Seamless integration with Sage, Sage Payroll and IRIS
  • Link your CM2000 system to CarePlanner
  • All data can be exported as spreadsheets for manual integration with other systems and software packages
  • Use our REST API to integrate CarePlanner with other systems

Find out more about how CarePlanner integrates with third-party solutions.


  • Report on any aspect of your business, from staff timekeeping to outstanding invoices
  • Email, text, print or export reports as required
  • Save customised or filtered versions of reports
  • Export and manipulate your raw appointment data in Excel

Find out more about Reporting.

Always connected

  • Give care workers access to their rota in field so carers know exactly where, when and what they should be doing
  • Keep carers connected on the go
  • GPS navigation to a carer’s next appointment
  • Rota changes updated for carers in real-time

Make notes and verify call attendance

  • Confirm delivery of care types for each appointment
  • Make notes and upload documents to each appointment
  • Confirm call start and finish times – verified by GPS location or RFID tag

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Communication and Alerts

  • Email, text or print all your rotas, invoices and timesheets from one place
  • Rotas can be quickly and easily sent to care workers and service users
  • Encrypt keysafe numbers so that only your staff can read them
  • Keep in touch with your care staff on the move with our text message dashboard
  • Record staff training and receive alerts when renewal is due

Find out more about Communication and Alerts.

Call Monitoring

  • Monitor visits safely and securely with methods that suit you: landline, NFC, OTP, mobile app or a mixture of methods
  • No need for a smartphone and even works with no mobile reception
  • Generate reports on staff punctuality and attendance
  • Receive confirmation of completed calls or explanations for non-completed appointments
  • Receive alerts if staff haven’t arrived at appointments

Find out more about Electronic Call Monitoring.


Inbuilt digital mapping

  • Plan Care Rotas around accurate travel times
  • See visual alerts for appointments without sufficient travel time
  • Real time feedback for administrators – receive alerts if traffic conditions change

Simplified travel payments

  • Pay your staff their exact mileage, time or both
  • Set mileage rates differently for individual carers
  • Exclude home-to-office, break-time, lunchtime or out of hours mileage

Find out more about travel planning and management


    • Your system; your setup – tailor CarePlanner to each user’s needs and preferences
    • Filter by region, whether you are viewing a roster, generating invoices or entering the details of a local GP
    • Customise colours to ensure you notice what’s important
    • Lock down permissions so different users only have access to what they need to see
    • Customise alert preferences from on-screen, to email or SMS – ensure important alerts always get noticed

    Find out more about Customisation.


    • Set up detailed medication requirements for each service user – covering dosage, strength, frequency and response type
    • Never miss a medication delivery with eMAR scheduling and alerts
    • Know the status of medication deliveries in real time – including a variety of response types resulting from delivery attempts
    • Push updated medication details out to care workers via the app
    • See a full audit trail of who received what medication when – and delivered by whom

    Find out more about eMAR Creation and Scheduling.


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