Invoicing and Payroll

CarePlanner’s powerful yet easy-to-use home care finance section means much less time spent on admin. Whether that’s managing the payroll, invoicing or financial reporting.

Despite the simple interface, CarePlanner takes the complexities of home care finance in its stride, including multiple funders, appointments crossing rate thresholds, invoices sent to family members and council pre-payments.


Professional invoices


Automated payment calculations


One-click email or print


Simple to export


The CarePlanner finance system has been designed from the ground-up to meet the challenges of home care finance.

Want to pay mileage by the mile?

– That’s easy.

Want to pay mileage by the hour? 

– No problem.

Want to pay mileage by both the mile and the hour, but not from home and not until a given number of miles have elapsed?

– We’ve got you covered.

Simplifying Complex Invoicing and Payroll Issues

If you need to charge VAT for some elements of your care provision but not others, that’s simply a click of a button.

If your rates vary across time thresholds, by type of care, or even by geographical region, CarePlanner can handle it.

If you don’t want to pay a member of staff for certain break periods but you still want to make sure they are fairly recompensed for their travel, CarePlanner will take care of the details.

Finance Dashboard

If you don’t need to know all the details, CarePlanner gives you a simple finance dashboard that shows at a glance your incomings and outgoings on a month-by-month basis.

We appreciate the need for home care businesses to be flexible. That’s why our finance section also provides a simple system for confirming your appointments. Allowing you to make tweaks to times and rates after appointments have taken place. 

Integration with Third-Party Software

If you discover that there’s an element of your invoicing or payroll that CarePlanner doesn’t do as well as your existing software, the chances are that we can integrate with it. We already have customised export solutions for Sage, Sage Payroll and Iris.

You can even download all of your appointment and mileage data into a spreadsheet and run your own calculations from there.

Home care finance integrations with logo
Home care finance activity log picture

Activity Logging

Every action that you perform in CarePlanner is logged for your own records.

So if you want to see who adjusted Mrs Smith’s night care rate at lunchtime on 5th January, the information is only a click away.

Additional Features

Travel Payments

Choose how and when to pay/bill for mileage, at what rate, and based on exact distances and the time travelled.

Call Monitoring (ECM)

Know for certain that a carer has attended an appointment, and receive a warning if they haven’t arrived.


Set up detailed medication requirements for each service user. Never miss a medication delivery. Audit trail for all deliveries.

Rota Scheduling

Complete your care worker rotas faster than ever before with our intelligent, simple visual rostering system.

Third Party Integrations

Full integration with CM2000 should you require it. Additional integration with other platforms and API connection possible.

Record Keeping

Keep track of staff training, service user requirements and day-to-day incidents with CarePlanner’s thorough record keeping system.

Carer Mobile App

Keep your care staff in the loop with our dedicated mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Powerful Reporting

Report on any aspect of your business, and easily export data to Sage, Sage Payroll or HRM systems.


Customise colours, permissions, dashboards, alerts – it’s easy to make CarePlanner your own.

Easy & Secure Access

Login from anywhere. 256-bit, online banking-grade security; accessible to your staff from anywhere on virtually any device.

Communication and Alerts

Keep in touch with care workers on the move. Send rota, or care requirement, changes and receive notifications in real time.
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Saracen Care

“’CarePlanner has allowed us the freedom to be more forward thinking”

Abney & Baker

“We want [data] to be meaningful to us as a company and meaningful to the clients, their families and the carers as well.”

Quality Home Care

“It’s more easy and straightforward for me to complete everything, “

Winserve Care Services

“The Japanese speak of continuous improvement, Kaizen, and that’s what we got out of CarePlanner”

Nexus Care Services

“CarePlanner gives us the system to be able to put all of the tools together when we’re trying to provide person centred care.”

Care 4 U 2 Day

“This system is really really good. Because you can change things to how you want to run your business.”

Westmorland Care

“CarePlanner have that family feel. We very much thrive on that family feel.”

NHS Woodfield 24

“We constantly have new referrals, whilst other patients pass away or need to increase their number of visits at very short notice. Frankly, I don’t know how we’d cope without CarePlanner “

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