Domiciliary Care Software

Domiciliary Care Software needs to support domiciliary care agencies to improve the quality of care they provide, whilst maximising the use of valuable resources.  It needs to do this all at as low a cost as possible, so care budgets can stretch further and deliver more care to those who need it.

At CarePlanner, we have worked closely with domiciliary care managers and care workers to understand exactly how this should be done.

As a result, we believe we have built the best domiciliary care software available today.

What does Domiciliary Care Software need to do?

Domiciliary care software needs to support both domiciliary care managers and care workers. These two roles have quite different requirements, we list out the main points below.

If you have a specific need, which isn’t mentioned below, feel free to contact our sales team directly and discuss your needs.

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Domiciliary Care Software for Care Workers

  • Easy access to their care rota
  • Appointment details – care requirements and related documents
  • Upload documents and make notes against each appointment
  • Call monitoring – the ability to clock in and out of each call
  • Travel information to reach each appointment easily

Domiciliary Care Software for Care Managers

  • Rostering – scheduling carers to appointments
  • Individual rota generation for each carer
  • Creating appointments, including details of care required
  • Reporting on carers’ hours worked, appointments met and cash flow
  • Managing staff training requirements
  • Invoicing clients for appointments and travel
  • Payroll for care workers to include appointments, travel and training
  • Call monitoring, to track completed appointments

One Solution for all your Domiciliary Care requirements

CarePlanner covers all of the above needs and far more besides. With a centralised roster of all appointments and carers, new appointments can be assigned to the best suited carer with ease. CarePlanner holds information about each domiciliary care worker’s skills and certifications, enabling you to quickly see who is available to meet the appointment time and skills/certification requirements.

Training requirements and holiday bookings can be scheduled in via the same system, keeping everything in one place. This removes the risk of conflicting bookings.


Generating invoices from the same system used to schedule and track appointments removes human error. This enables exact calculations of appointment timings and even travel costs.

Consequently, timesheets can easily be generated for each care worker, detailing calls attended, training, holidays and travel. These can then easily flow into payroll calculations, via Sage Cloud 50 or other accounting systems utilising one of our integrations.

CarePlanner becomes the central, easy-to-use system for each aspect of your home care management.

Setting up Domiciliary Care Software

At CarePlanner we make sure that the set up of your domiciliary care software is painless and fast. We arrange free training for users within days of requesting a license and can help you to integrate with Everylife’s PASSsystem, Birdie, CM2000 (if you are required to use this), Sage Line 50 and other accounting systems as part of the setup process.

Additionally, we provide guidance on transferring over existing carers and other details from your old system.

Visit our getting started page for more information about how we can help you get up and running quickly.

CarePlanner Licensing

CarePlanner is licensed per concurrent administrator – meaning there is no extra cost when you add more care workers, or service users, to the system. Concurrent licensing means a single license can be used by multiple people – just not at the same time.

Furthermore, CarePlanner is licensed on a pay-as-you-go basis.


All contracts are rolling 30-day contracts, so you can scale up and down as and when you need to. No awkward year-long contracts or contractual lock-ins here.

For more information about licensing, see our licensing pageOr get in touch directly, we’d love to talk you through it.

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