Christmas is a time for family, for tradition and celebration. At CarePlanner we have a tradition of our own: the 12 Carers of Christmas is about celebrating home carers for the amazing work they do year round. While health care is about keeping people alive, social care is about keeping people living their best lives. Our 12 carers are uplifting examples of the power and purpose of home care, and show how critical and valuable a service it is for all of our communities.

Our fourth carer of Christmas is Andy Kaye. Andy only started working for Milcare 12 months ago, entering the sector in one of its most challenging times. Despite this, it was a short space of time before Andy became a bedrock of support for his service users. Andy’s experiences shaped him into the man he is, and that in turn shapes the care he provides. His understanding of military life, and military way of life, has helped everyone at milcare to improve the way they support ex-service personnel.

“Andy calls upon his previous roles to further support the administration in ensuring safer working environments,” Rick says. “His military service has been crucial in helping us, as a team, to engage ex-service personnel, with Andy offering advice on the importance of military language and behaviours.”
Andy Kaye Carer
Andy continuously goes above and beyond for his clients. He is very conscious of the need to make support personal and safe for the most vulnerable amongst us. He routinely reviews the best working methods and practice, especially for service users who are particularly struggling with budgeting, home safety or social activities. As one service user says: “It’s not like having a carer, it’s like having a friend.”
Andy Kaye Tennis
Andy’s willingness to help his clients however he can, whether with budgeting, culinary adventures, or some gardening, reflects the power of providing care. Andy himself explains his motivation:
Let’s not forget that care is an interaction, and can be a learning and personal development process for both. For Andy, this has meant learning new skills and trying new experiences. “Andy had never cooked salmon before,” says one service user, “but he knew I loved it so he gave it a go and I’m not joking it was the best piece of salmon I had ever tasted!”

“It’s not like having a carer, it’s like having a friend”

“I love my job and I love my clients,” says Andy. “I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping those who are less fortunate or able than me. And if I can make the clients smile and make them laugh it makes my day!”
Andy Kaye playing cards

Joining an unfamiliar sector at the height of a pandemic to protect the vulnerable is a daring calling. However, such is the nature of some of us, and in Andy that call to help is matched by a passion for human connection. It’s easy to see how his strength, understanding and humour have become a bedrock for so many in the chaos of the past 12 months.


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