The purpose of care is to provide safety, comfort and reliability to those who need it most. In a sector that frequently finds itself let down by the world around it, finding a source of consistency is invaluable. Our third carer of Christmas is someone who exemplifies the passion and commitment required of carers.

Anthony Odigie started working as a volunteer carer for St Mary’s Hospital before joining The Care Team 6 years ago. During this time he has never lost the inspiration that drove him to volunteer all those years ago. The more involved Anthony became, the more commitment he gave.

He is frequently the first one up and the last one to bed: a work ethic that has been a driving force through tough times.

Anthony’s strength lies in his experience, commitment and versatility. He frequently handles some of the most complex cases on the roster, while always being more than willing to go out of his way for anyone, whatever their needs. This experience is matched by his charm. As all carers know, they work in a delicate profession. Deftness of spirit is as necessary as deftness of hand. Through his charm, intelligence and sincerity Anthony has won fans across Manchester.

His manager describes it best: ‘[Anthony]  consistently thinks of the client and their needs and is extremely eager to help. There have been times that we have needed his help to cover a shift and he has not been able to hear us too well on the phone and his response is, ‘ just put them on the CarePlanner and I will go’. He is a friendly man who is very intelligent and kind: many clients would not let [other] carers in but this is very rarely an issue when it comes to Anthony. There is one particular client that is very difficult to please and does not get on with many carers. One day in an emergency a supervisor had to send Anthony in unintroduced, and they got on so well and the client loved him, which is a very unusual situation with this case. Needless to say we were not surprised though.’

No matter the client, no matter the situation, Anthony is someone you can rely on to deliver compassionate and comprehensive care. His dedication extends so far as to offer up time on his holidays should he be needed in the field. 

For many clients, their carer is one of the only consistent aspects of their lives, a well from which they can draw strength. In this regard, Anthony is more like an ocean. The vastness of his spirit is embodied by the fact he is well known and well-loved amongst those lucky enough to have him as a carer, and we are honoured to send just a little recognition his way.