Exploring Apps and Mental Health

Useful Tools for Mental Health Management

Modern day life can get pretty hectic. I rarely feel like I have time to complete all of my daily tasks let alone take time out to sit and meditate! Taking care of your mental health is as important as looking after your body and yet for so many of us, prioritizing this can be a challenge.

Meditation is the practice of deep thinking and focusing one’s mind. It is a great way of managing your thoughts, calming and grounding yourself. All of which can help improve mental health and wellbeing. In this article we will be looking at how Mobile Apps can be a great tool for maintaining your personal wellbeing in modern day living.

Below I have used and reviewed five popular meditation apps. Hopefully, they can help you find inner peace.



The Calm app is something that I currently use every day as an effective tool to manage my mental health and anxiety. They have a great easy to use app and can be utilized for various needs. Whether it be sleep sounds for those who struggle to switch off at the end of the day, guided mediation or even a motivational piece. They also often have famous artists who will compose music or host a seminar. I think public figures acknowledging mental health issues is a vital step in breaking the stigma around them. For me I preferer to use this app because it is non-committal and simple, allowing you to jump back in when needed.

Basic but easy to use.  3/5

Insight Timer

This app feels darker and less ‘in your face’ than some of the other apps out there. Which for me felt instantly more calming and peaceful. There are some great options in this app. The first section I liked is the ability to preset timers, as this was really helpful with keeping my meditation session on track. Insight Timer also has a section of courses that you can attend ranging from 7 to 31 days, covering topics like resentment and anxiety. This app has an introspective focus which separates it from the others. I think this is a really positive starting line when working towards positive mental wellbeing. On the home screen there are indicators from all over the world which represent other users. Kindred spirits maybe feeling as you do in that moment. This felt like much more than a meditation app it felt like a community.

Made me feel a part of something bigger! 5/5

Happy Not Perfect

The title to this app gives it away but it’s all about being happy, feeling less stressed and more balanced. The app has a modern and stylish touch. It’s definitely aimed at a younger audience.

When starting you have an ‘internal check-in’. You can choose from an array of emotions all the way from ‘URGHHHH’ to overwhelmed. You’re then taken through steps to help you reflect on how you’re feeling. Calming you by working through a maze with your finger for example. It also asks what you’re grateful for and something small to try and achieve that day.

I really enjoyed using this app because not only was it calming but really thought-provoking. Highly recommended!


For the Millenial in you! 5/5


This app is aimed at those who suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks. Although this app may not be beneficial for everyone, I am really impressed with the goal behind it. ROOTD helps you learn where anxiety comes from. It examines how our bodies and minds experience panic attacks and why they might be happening to you. It guides you to what changes you can make in the short term and long term depending on your need.

My favourite feature is the option to add a friend’s contact information. Someone who you can call when things get too much and you can’t manage alone. I am really impressed with the understanding behind this app! Plus its soft playful design makes it easy to use in public!

Highly recommended for people with anxiety! 5/5



This app has a bright positive style which makes it feel playful and lighthearted. Its sections are broken down into meditation, sleep and move. This app is great for beginners and it feels the main focus is helping people to learn.

It has an SOS section for the times where you really need to manage moments of anxiety or panic. I found this to be particularly relevant to my needs. There is also a section for community stories and an opportunity to share any that you may have. The only negatives I found when using HEADSPACE were the pop-up messages that were prompting you to set reminders etc. and the fact that you won’t have a lot of access on the free subscription.

Great for beginners and those wanting a more structured approach to meditation. 3/5


All of these apps are great, and I really think there is something here for everyone! There’s nothing stopping you from popping in your earphones on a busy commute, taking a breather and starting the day in a positive way. Whatever week it is. #wellnessweek

If you are a frontline worker we have also compiled a list of free services available to you here.