Care can be many things: quiet, gentle, energetic, but above all else, it must be attentive. The second carer we are celebrating this holiday season truly embodies this ideal. 


Cara has been working with the Basildon Branch of J.C. Michael Groups as a Health Care Assistant since March 2019. She started her career in Health and Social Care in 2018, and previously worked as a PA.

 Cara is motivated by her passion to help others and make them happy. She describes herself as a caring, understanding and patient person. Cara is also profoundly deaf. When Cara first joined the Basildon Branch she undertook a 4-day induction course which required a lot of lip reading. She has since gone on to participate in further training sessions to expand her skills set and knowledge. The level of dedication Cara brings to the role is reflected in the amount of effort she puts into constantly improving her skills as a carer.

Cara works with one client who is also deaf, and the pair use BSL as their primary form of communication. However, it is when dealing with other clients that Cara’s true gift for care is revealed, as her registered manager Linda Ellis explains: 

‘Cara has an amazing ability to lip read due to not being able to hear and uses this to a great advantage when looking after vulnerable adults. Her skill enables her to pay particular attention to a person’s body language and body movement much more than someone who is able to hear would. Ultimately, she is able to meet clients’ needs better, especially those who find it difficult to express themselves verbally. Cara works with a gentleman who is profoundly deaf and they communicate using BSL. This was a requirement he had when looking for a care company. This is working out extremely well for them both. Cara also provides care to clients who are able to hear and they are all happy to have her as their Health Care Assistant’.

Cara also helps to run events raising money and awareness. She recently even dragged her mum along with her to a ‘Cuppa and Cake’ event to help raise money for Global’s Make Some Noise charity.

Care can be many things and take many forms, but at its core, it is always about the same thing: giving people the attention they need by using your own strength. Whether it be with a cup of tea, a shared – silent – conversation,  or her unfailing dedication, Cara Baker exemplifies great care and we’re honoured to share her story.