Season’s Feelings

It’s been a stressful year. Big changes, small stumbles and long days have piled up and it’s understandable to feel stressed out as we close in on the end of 2022. The Care Workers Charity have spent the past 12 months fighting everyday to help support carers. And they need a bit of help themselves to make sure they are focussed on the right things.

As part of their review of the past year The Care Workers Charity are conducting a survey to see how carers feel. So they can better understand the needs of care workers and support them. As well as helping them to continue to champion the cause of care going forward!

Look, we get it, filling in a survey on a rainy November afternoon isn’t exactly laden in ‘holiday spirit’. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the CWC to give out ten £50 Amazon vouchers to randomly selected submissions of the survey, so we can help share a little bit of cheer this holiday season while you share your experiences as a carer. The vouchers will be selected and sent out following the close of submission entries in a few weeks time. This means we can get them out to you in time for some Christmas shopping!

The survey takes about ten minutes and can found here: Care Workers Charity Survey 2022

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