CarePlanner is partnering with the Care Workers Charity for 2022!

During 2021, The Care Workers Charity (CWC) has supported over 1700 care workers with grants and support throughout the toughest of times. Here at CarePlanner we have been privileged to take part in several of the Care Workers Charity’s fundraising initiatives. From having a Cuppa for Care with our colleagues to celebrating carers during Professional Care Workers Week, we have been impressed and humbled by the incredible work that CWC does.

Did you know we had one of the first published interviews with Karolina Gerlich when she became the CWC’s executive director? Back in April 2020 Karolina took the time to talk to us about the launch of the Coronavirus Care Workers Fund. Over the following 20 months the CWC has continued to be a source of hope and support for carers during the most challenging times in their lives. The CWC offers grants and services to carers to help them no matter what challenges the world puts in their way.

CarePlanner Managing Director, Matthew Sharp, said:
“We are delighted to continue in our support for Karolina and the Care Workers Charity this year. The organisation’s work is both an inspiration to us all, and a sobering reminder of the challenges of life on the front-line of care.”

You can find out more about the support the CWC offers here.

You can read our interviews with Karolina in 2020 here.