Great care is about connection. And in order to provide that, careworkers must be able to connect with those entrusted to them. Alongside developing a personal relationship, carers often become their service users’ connection to the wider world. Our seventh carer of Christmas understands the necessity of connection for the human spirit, and the crucial role she plays in nurturing it.

Cynthia Adepoju has been working in the care sector for five years. Over this time she has come to see first hand the impact great care can have on a service user’s life. From helping with physically healing exercises to addressing emotional isolation through social activities, Cynthia knows how a carer’s purpose can become so much than simply delivering on a care plan. 

Cynthia excels at supporting service users with challenging behaviours. Through her patience and commitment, she ensures that her service users feel cared for and respected.

Cynthia’s manager, Ivy Efferson, explains:

“Cynthia is the allocated key worker of one of our service users… Cynthia escorts the service user to the community for sightseeing, they get on the bus travelling from Buckhusthill to Debden. She puts a lot of effort into the service ensuring that the service user is happy in his home. She spends time doing activities with the service user on his spare time. They go shopping together, making the service user inclusive in the community. Cynthia ensures her service user is given a choice of meal, clothing and she seeks the consent of the service user before doing anything with them.”

Cynthia understands the vital nature of connections to our happiness. Her commitment to involving her service users in community activities has made a notable difference to multiple service users. 

Cynthia is also excellent at being the connection between different aspects of her service users’ care, ensuring its continuity. She is a great communicator, both within Nema Homecare and with other healthcare professionals involved with her service users. Whether it is with a GP, colleague or community organiser, Cynthia supports the link between them, helping to ensure that ‘integrated care’ becomes a reality. 

Everybody needs connections in life. Whether it is for social, personal or professional purposes, nobody is an island, and there’s no better time of year than Christmas to recognise this. In moments of loneliness, the lucky ones are rescued by people who truly care for them. People like Cynthia.