Christmas is a time for family, for tradition and celebration. At CarePlanner we have a tradition of our own: the 12 Carers of Christmas is about celebrating home carers for the amazing work they do year round. While health care is about keeping people alive, social care is about keeping people living their best lives. Our 12 carers are uplifting examples of the power and purpose of home care, and show how critical and valuable a service it is for all of our communities.

There is no set and clearly defined way to start working in care. Some people go straight into it from school, some begin working in care in their fifties; the common denominator isn’t the ‘how’ you come to care, but the ‘who’ you bring to it.

Our sixth carer for Christmas is Elvis Otim of DCK Care in Nottingham. Elvis was a professional football player for Barnsley and Nottingham Forest before becoming a home carer in February 2020 – a unique transition even amongst a workforce as diverse as careworkers! When he was being offered the job, DCK administrator Georgie Foster explained the realities of the change Elvis was facing.

“I explained that the money he would get as a carer is nowhere near what he would get as a footballer,” says Georgie. “Elvis told me, ‘it is not about money, I want to give back and be a carer.”

Elvis Otim Profile Video

Over the past two years Elvis proved himself equal to his noble ambition time and again. Elvis quickly applied the dedication and skill that helped him become a professional footballer to his new calling.

“Elvis is a very committed person,” says DCK’s registered owner Daisy Clifford. “He is reliable and always keeps his time with clients. He is genuinely caring and passionate about his role.’

Elvis is also a dedicated team player, stepping up to pick up calls whenever he can. Every successful care agency is ultimately a successful team, and Elvis is always willing to support his.

“Elvis is a really caring and kind person towards clients and carers,” says coworker Georgia Mullan. “He will do all he can to make sure you feel comfortable within your work and is always happy to help.”

By now Elvis is well versed in the best practices of providing quality, person centred home care. His attention to detail and willingness to learn has led to him being promoted to a senior carer for DCK. A responsibility that he has excelled with, especially when it comes to training new starters. In this role he is able to help shape the next wave of carers as they join our sector, whatever their background.

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