Carers frequently find themselves in the position of being the only consistent support their service users have. Almost just as frequently they find themselves to be the primary support for their colleagues as well. This is both time-consuming and emotionally draining. Our sixth carer of Christmas constantly manages to find an extra hour in her day and room in her heart.

Emily Dixon doesn’t stop. Her service users at Cura Homecare are always at the forefront of her mind. Emily understands the importance of treating each service user as their own person. She tailors companionship visits to each of her service users to ensure they are always doing something they enjoy. This ranges from planning personal activities to picking up a takeaway because they said they really fancied one. Emily is adept at picking up on the little things that make a big difference.


Her colleagues can attest to a hundred stories of Emily going above and beyond. Her director, Katie Burgess, said:

“Emily is the type of carer even I would strive to be… She works long hours but will still make time to help out and go that little bit further. One of our service users TV’s broke and Emily – in her break – went to the local charity shop and sourced a new telly at a low price for him. It made his year.”

Emily also frequently takes on the role of instructor, giving a helping hand or healing ear to team members who need one. There is a universal sense at Cura that if you need help, Emily will be happy to provide it. Whether it is advice, cover for a shift or just a warm smile on a cold Monday morning, Emily Dixon doesn’t stop.

Being relied upon and trusted can be its own reward, but it doesn’t have to be. Emily is always willing to find that extra hour because it is what comes naturally to her. Compassion, empathy and commitment define her work. We are honoured to bring some recognition to  Emily and to shine a light on the care she provides.