Care, like so many things delicate things in life, requires patience – the ability to take one’s time even as the world moves ever faster around you. Honing this skill is a lengthy process, but one that proves its worth time and time again. Our eighth carer understands the necessity of patience, and the importance of time when delivering care.

Heidi Kinsman is a woman of many skills, a keen gardener and amateur genealogist. Both these pursuits dedication and patience. Heidi has these traits in spades. Or should that be trowels? Regardless, her colleagues and clients at Medical Partnerships in Rayleigh can attest to Heidi’s extensive talents as a care worker.

Yemi Ibikunle, Director at Medical Partnerships, explains how Heidi made a big difference in one client’s life:

“Heidi is a very passionate worker. She takes her time to support the elderly as required and she goes beyond the call of duty. For example, we look after the husband of a particular client whose wife had problems with her hands. When this resulted in some minor surgery, [it] meant that the wife could not make her meals temporarily. As a result of this, Heidi supported the family by going the extra mile to help them with cooking their dinners from scratch. She did this for a period of 3 weeks until the wife recovered.”

Heidi’s dedication is the hallmark of her time as a carer, even when facing some of life’s greatest challenges herself. Heidi survived a cancer scare earlier this year, but to the delight of everyone who knows her, Heidi pulled through and is already back to being her “gentle, remarkable self,” according to her colleagues. 

Heidi is passionate about her worked with service users suffering from dementia. She uses her skills to comfort those for whom the world has become an unfamiliar place, something that draws on her own sense of calm and security.

This Christmas, we want to say thank you to Heidi. Your colleagues and service users are so lucky to have you. Generations from now, when another Kinsman traces their lineage, we are sure your name will be writ large in deeds.