COVID-19 currently influences everything we do. We know that carers and care managers are stretched thin trying to track, contain and delay the spread of the virus. By quickly customizing some of your system’s functions you can use CarePlanner to track COVID-19 cases and flag them.

We have come up with a brief guide to help you utilise CarePlanner for this unique situation. We have outlined four common needs our clients have mentioned to our Support and Account teams and the CarePlanner functions you can use to address them.

Below we explain how you can use CarePlanner to: 

1. Communicate client health conditions to carers


2. Manage and communicate your clients’ and carers’ infection status


3. Identify all messages from carers related to COVID-19


4. Identify which clients are high risk and are most in need of care

Communicate Client Health Conditions to Carers

1. Go to a specific Clients page.

2. Go to ‘Dashboard’ => ’Conditions’ tab.


    3. Add relevant medical notes to each client.

    4. These notes will appear in the CarePlanner mobile app. 
    5. You can set your medical notes to appear on the app on the ‘Mobile App Display’ page. You can find this page by going ‘Admin’ => ‘Mobile App’ => Display
    6. Scroll down to the ‘Appointment Details’ section.
    This will allow you to document and manage your client’s ongoing health conditions.

    Manage and Communicate your Clients’ and Carers’ Infection status

    1. Go to ‘Admin’ => ’Appointments’ => ’Care Required’


    2. Create new care types such as: Symptomatic, Asymptomatic, Member of the Household.                      Symptomatic.

    3. Mark the relevant care type as ‘Care Required’ on the client’s page and save the change.
    4. Care Types can be added to the Personal Details report to track different statuses of clients.
    5. You can generate reports on these care types using the filters.
    6. You can view client care types in the mobile app. This allows you to communicate client infection.      status to your carers.

    Identify all Messages from Carers Related to COVID-19

    1. Go to ‘Admin’ => ’General’ => ’Mobile App’

    2. In ‘Notes’ turn on the ‘Create diary entry for each appointment note’ function. This will turn any notes your carers enter through the app into diary entries on the system.

    3. Go to ‘Admin’ => ’General’ => ’Diary’

    4. Add a new Diary entry type e.g. ‘COVID-19 Information’. Make sure you hit the ‘Include in mobile.        app?’ button!
    5. This allows your carers to specifically categorise their notes on the app.
    6. You can generate reports for these specific entries on the ‘Reports’ page.
    7. Use your custom diary entry type as the report filter to select the relevant entries.

    Identify Which Clients are High Risk and are Most in Need of Care    

    1. Go to a specific clients page 

    2. Go to ‘Dashboard’ => ’Settings’ => ’Emergency rating’

    3. Set the emergency rating level for your client (High/Medium/Low)

    4. Emergency rating can be added to the Client Personal Details report.

    5. You can generate these reports to quickly identify client’s ratings. 
    We hope these few steps can help you to use CarePlanner to track COVID-19 and address our current situation in some way. If you have any further questions our Support and Account teams are fully available. 

    Phone: 0117 214 0585 

    Support Email: [email protected]

    Accounts Email: [email protected]