Delivering great care requires collaboration. From the registered manager to the service user’s family, everyone must be working together for the best outcomes to be achieved. 

Over the past nine days, we’ve written about many carers who go the extra mile for the clients in this series. Our tenth carer is also a manager who does the same for her employees. 

Marion Sneller has been working in care for two decades. Over this time she has gained an intimate knowledge of the trials and challenges carers face every day. Marion drew upon this experience when she set up Care in Your Home in Bracknell eight years ago. 

Marion puts her carers first. She knows that they are the people who define her company’s care and, in turn, her client’s lives. Marion does everything in her power to accommodate her carers needs. This can range from designing rotas to fit her carers’ schedules, or taking on calls herself to ensure people get the time off they need. Marion knows that to function at its highest level her company needs a bedrock. She provides this through tireless effort and magnanimous leadership.

Andrea Blackmore, one of Marion’s employees, explains:

“Marion is extremely dedicated to her clients and staff, always being there for all of us, regardless of issue or time of day, we know we can call her and she will be there.  I have worked with Marion myself for the last 4 years as her office assistant and ‘right-hand man’ and it’s been fun, to say the least, and I previously worked with her as a carer at a different care company for 5 years. Marion not only puts in long hours at the office. She is frequently seen out in the community as a carer helping to cover staff sickness or holidays so no one will ever go without care. 

“We have trudged through the snow at times to get to clients that need us, or Marion drove us all to clients so we don’t get our cars stuck. I have known Marion to drive clients to hospital appointments or doctors because they couldn’t get there themselves.  There is nothing Marion would not do for us or clients.”

Care in Your Home has been built on the ethos that clients and staff must come first. And, as a result of Marion’s leadership and collaboration, everyone benefits.