Christmas is a time for family, for tradition and celebration. At CarePlanner we have a tradition of our own: the 12 Carers of Christmas is about celebrating home carers for the amazing work they do year round. While health care is about keeping people alive, social care is about keeping people living their best lives. Our 12 carers are uplifting examples of the power and purpose of home care, and show how critical and valuable a service it is for all of our communities.

Our second carer of Christmas is Samaneh Bojnordifard. Samaneh has only been working with Leison Care Services since September, but has already developed deep connections with both her colleagues and service users. The coordinator for Leison, Aimee Terrar, attributes this affection to the joyful spirit Samaneh brings to her work.

“Our lovely Sam came to work with our company in September this year,” says Aimee. “Sam’s always smiling and providing an amazing service to our service users, always bubbly happy and very thoughtful.”

It is not always easy to keep your spirits up when providing home care. The challenges of the past two years have been felt acutely by carers and service users. It takes a rare determination and strength of spirit to continue to be a source of positivity for those around you when the case for pessimism can be so convincing.

 Samaneh’s determination has seen her through her share of challenges; from moving to the UK for a new opportunity, to carrying her young family through the tragedy of loss. It is these experiences that have shaped Samaneh’s character, her spirit and her care. Her dedication to supporting her service users in soul as well as body is one of the many reasons she is so highly regarded, and appreciated, throughout Leison.

“Thank you Sam,” says Aimee. “You’re a massive credit to our team. All our service users adore you and we appreciate all your hard work and your dedication. We wish you a massive Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, lots of love Aimee, Carly, Donna, Michelle, Tanya Kathleen & All Team Leison.”

Samaneh Bojnordifard

Happiness can be hard work sometimes, and hard work doesn’t always make you happy. So when someone like Samaneh comes into your life with the talent for both, you’ll want to keep them there for as long as you can!

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