Preparing for the Strikes

Paramedics are vital in safeguarding and supporting the people who draw upon homecare. It is for this reason that the strikes scheduled for the 21st and 28th of this month are so concerning for our sector. While the military is being called in to support the ambulance services. Many people will still experience significant delays during the strike action.

The best way to deal with the unfortunate situation of your carers staying with someone while awaiting a paramedic is to quickly and effectively reassign some or all of their remaining appointments.

CarePlanner can help you accomplish this, taking into account a variety of factors, so you can keep your service running smoothly and avoid significant disruption to the lives of the people who utilise your support.

Drag and Drop Rostering

One of CarePlanner’s definitive features is our ‘Drag and Drop’ rostering. This page provides an overview of all the carers on your team and the appointments you have for the day. It also enables you to quickly reassign appointments across your team by dragging and dropping them to the desired carer.

Drag and Drop to help you respond to Strikes

More information and a step by step guide is available on our Supportal site here*:

*You must be signed into your CarePlanner account in order to access Supportal.

Recommend a Carer

We know that changing an appointment isn’t a simple matter of moving blocks around on a screen. That is why we built our ‘Recommend a Carer’ feature. So that you can quickly view important information about carers before assigning them to calls on short notice.

Recommend a Carer for Strikes

The ratings presented by our ‘Recommend a Carer’ feature are defined by the varying criteria of your carers in relation to the appointment you’re assigning them to, criteria such as: their skills, their distance from the appointment and their previous interactions with the person whom the appointment is for.

Recommend a carer breakdown

You can adjust the weighting of these criteria to suit the needs of your service. This empowers you to balance the pressing needs of your service and respond effectively in the ever changing world of homecare. For potential emergency situations like those caused by the upcoming paramedic strikes you can make travel time the key component to help avoid significant delays and ensure the safety of the people who draw upon your care.

You can find out more info about our ‘Recommend a Carer’ feature and how to adjust weighting to suit your needs here:

Holiday Support

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy, and we all know how stressful that can be!
That’s why we will always be available to help you out over the holiday season.

Our Support and Account Management teams will be available as standard over the next two weeks, with our out of hours support being provided on the bank holidays.

Standard Support and Account Manager Availability

  • 21st-23rd December
  • 28th-30th December
  • 3rd January onwards

Out of Hours Support Availability

  • 24th-27th December
  • 31st December – 2nd January