Supporting your Team with Wagestream and CarePlanner

Staff turnover remains one of the biggest challenges for care providers, 63% of care workers were recruited from another care provider. Providers cannot ignore the importance of workforce management and retention.

As part of our effort to address this, we have partnered with our integration partner Wagestream to offer a series of Masterclasses on how care providers can use software to help support their carers.

Throughout this series, we’ll explore ways in which digital technology can empower care employers, so they can reward their employees more effectively.


Wagestream MG

Flexibility of Rostering

Mark Gutteridge, MD at CarePlanner, talks about the importance of understanding the real-world experiences of people in care and collaborating with them to find real-world solutions.

Supporting Your Team with Cost of Living

Wagestream’s Emily Trant, Head of Impact & Inclusion discusses how the cost of living crisis affects employees and businesses. She also discusses what you can do to help support your employees.

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Choice and Flexibility

Patchwork Health’s Head of Customer Success, Daniel Chilcot, discusses how providing flexibility for your team can help address staffing issues over the next few years in the context of Integrated Care Systems.

The Future of Employee Benefits

Alex Harrison-Spain, Head of Product at Wagestream, shines a spotlight on the potential ways employers can reward their teams on a budget and build towards bigger ones in the future.

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