How to use CarePlanner to Track COVID-19 Vaccinations

To continue to support you through the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve put together this guide to help you use CarePlanner to track and generate reports on COVID-19 vaccinations amongst your staff and service users, now that vaccine rollouts are beginning in earnest around the country.

For additional help, please refer to our earlier article How to use CarePlanner to Track COVID-19.

Tracking Vaccine Administration Using the Checklist Feature

We have used screenshots of the Carers pages only, but you can follow the same process for your clients too.

1. Navigate to the checklist items on the admin page.

Vaccine Tracking 3

2. Add a checklist type “COVID-19 vaccine (Dose 1)”

Vaccine Tracking 1


You can make the checklist item compulsory. This will highlight the checklist item in red on the carer/clients page when it is incomplete. You can choose to block unvaccinated people from appointments by selecting the box below ‘compulsory item’.

You can also make attaching a document mandatory. This will allow you to provide proof of administration for each carer and client easily.

3. Apply to all Carers/Clients.

4. Add a checklist type “COVID-19 vaccine (Dose 2)” and repeat the above steps.

5. Set to begin on completion of “COVID-19 Dose 1”.

Vaccine Tracking 2

6. Apply to all Carers/Clients

7. Go to a Carer or Client page.
    Go to their Checklists.
    Confirm they’ve received it and set date.

Vaccine Tracking 4

Generating Reports on Checklist Items

By setting up the COVID-19 vaccine as a checklist item, CarePlanner is able to generate reports for your company. This will make tracking who has and who hasn’t received the vaccine within your company a simple process.

1. Go to Reports
Select checklist history
Select all Carers
Select COVID (dose1) and it’ll show you all the people that have ‘completed’ that checklist item. i.e. have received the vaccine.

Vaccine Tracking 5

2. You can also generate reports on outstanding checklist items to find out who hasn’t received the        vaccine yet.
   Select outstanding checklist items from the report menu and repeat the above steps.

Vaccine Tracking 6


You have to add checklist items for clients and carers separately. The process is the same for both.